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Business owners help finding South Carolina Commercial Auto Insurance for Semi Trucks, Box Trucks, Straight Trucks, Taxi’s, Black Car, Shuttle Service, Public Auto, Buses, NEMT fleets.

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South Carolina High Risk Auto Insurance.



Commercial Insurance in FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN and VA.
South Carolina Commercial Insurance
Available in FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN and VA.
SC truck insurance get insured quickly if you have one of these types of trucks. We have trucking specialists to help you now.

SC trucks insured quickly. Get you best commercial truck insurance rate started now. Same day policy for most companies.

We are here to help if you have any or several of the following.

•Truck insurance cancellations by current provider
•Large shock losses
•High CSA scores
•High SMS scores
•High out of service percentages (OOS)
•Elevated CAB scores
•Multiple alerts
•Conditional safety ratings
•High loss frequency
•Driver experience
•Newly licensed drivers
•New venture truck insurance
•Poor credit scores
•State assigned risk pool
•High risk cargo
•SR22 insurance

Here is a short list of what we are able to bind fairly quickly in South Carolina.

Trucking For Hire:

Car Carriers

strong>Fuel Oil Haulers

—Gasoline, Diesel & Airplane Fuel Haulers*

—NEMT Fleets of 5 or more vehicles – Non Emergency Medical Transport

—LPG, Butane & Propane Haulers— Bulk or Bottled**

• Taxi and Black car Service

• Contractors

• Tow Trucks
(repo not online)

• Caterers

• Cement Mixers

• Concrete Pumper Trucks

• Couriers

• Custom Harvesters

• Farm to Market

• Farmers

• Food Delivery

• Grain Haulers

• House Movers

• Lawn & Tree Service

• Logging

• Mobile Concessions

• Mobile Equipment

• Mobile Home Toters

• Moving Operations

(no ICC filings)

• Pulpwood Haulers

• Salvage Haulers

• Specialized Delivery

• Snow Plows

• Truckers Contingent

Liability (Bobtail or


• Waste Oil Haulers**

• Wholesalers &


Limousines (All Types)

• Non-Emergency Medical


• Charter Buses

• 4 Wheel Drive Tours

• Airport Shuttles

• Airport Transportation

Service Autos

• Athlete Buses

• Bingo/Casino Transportation

• Church and Scout Buses

(incl. Drum & Bugle Corps)

• Courtesy Autos (including

hotel courtesy autos)

• Custom Harvesting

Employee Transport

• Day Care Center Autos

• Dial-A-Ride

• Group Homes

• Head Start Program Autos

• Kiddie Transports

• Medical Courtesy Autos

• Metropolitan Buses

• Musician Buses

• Prisoner Transport

• Railroad Employee


• School Buses (Private or

Public Owned)

• Senior Citizen Center Autos

• Sightseeing Buses

• Social Service Agencies

• Taxis

• Trolley Buses

• Visiting Nurses

• Wilderness Expeditions

• All Other Public Autos

• Bookmobiles,

Bloodmobiles, etc.

• Driver Training Auto

• Emergency Ambulances

• Escort Vehicles for Oversized


• Fire Department Vehicles

• Funeral Escort Vehicles

• Funeral Director Vehicles

• Funeral Hearses

• Law Enforcement Vehicles

• Light/Medium Commercial Rental Vehicle

South Carolina drivers who opt to pay the uninsured motorist fee instead of purchasing auto insurance put themselves at risk. This fee does not cover costs associated with auto accidents, so drivers will be responsible for any damages if they cause an accident. If you drive without auto insurance and are the at-fault driver in a fender-bender, you could end up paying hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in damages. But if you cause an accident resulting in injury or death, you could suffer a devastating financial (and personal) loss.

South Carolina drivers who do choose to buy liability insurance must get the state’s minimum amounts of coverage: $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident and $25,000 for property damage per accident.

According to the South Carolina Legislative Council, drivers without insurance who are licensed in the state or required to have their vehicles registered in the state are guilty of a misdemeanor if they operate or permit the operation of their vehicles without having paid the fee. A first offense will land you a fine of up to $200 or 30 days’ imprisonment. Fines and imprisonment increase with each offense. Those who present false evidence that a vehicle is insured are subject to the same penalties.

Licensed drivers who continually are turned down for auto insurance may be able to purchase high-risk coverage through the (SCAAIP) South Carolina Associated Automobile Insurers Plan or South Carolina high risk insurance. This is a good option for high-risk drivers who would rather not operate a vehicle without protection. But the South Carolina Department of Insurance warns that this option should be used only as a last resort, as high-risk auto insurance comes with relatively high premiums.


Get help finding South Carolina Commercial Auto Insurance for preferred trucking companies, Contractors and any fleets up to 250 units in SC.

South Carolina Commercial Auto Insurance for business owners having a hard time finding coverage.

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